tarot-cardsThe Tarot

What it is:

  • A tool for guidance
  • A way to help with life decisions
  • Powerful form of divination
  • An aid to provide clarity to situations

It’s a tool that can be used to provide insight, clarity and vision into everyday situations, large or small, and it can assist with guidance and understanding through it’s use of esoteric and provocative imagery and symbology.

What it isn’t:

  • A replacement for professional advice and care
  • A way to impede the free will of others
  • A way of telling the future
  • An excuse not to take responsibility for your life or not take action to improve your life through your own action.

As powerful as the Tarot is, it can’t take the place of good professional assistance when warranted (legal, medical, etc.) and nor can it foretell the tarot-card-1future. It also cannot make you rich, powerful, get your dream lover or be used to impede another ‘s free will.

But what it can do is to provide insight on a current situation and help you make good choices that will provide the most positive outcome possible.

I am Serenity Edward, the Tarot Chick, and I have been harnessing the positive power of the Tarot to assist others for over 20 years. Through the messages of the cards and my gift of intuition, combined with equal doses of humor, respect and good old-fashioned common sense, I provide others with the tools they need to make informed decisions for the path they wish their lives to take.

It is a pleasure and an honor to use my knowledge of the Tarot and my own intuitive gifts to help all who need and request such assistance.

I look forward to serving you!