Card Of the Day 12/02/2013 – The Two Of Wands

Today’s card was pulled from the Housewives Tarot Deck, which is one of my favorite decks in current rotation.

The suit of wands indicate action, things neeTwo Of Wands - Housewives Tarotding to be done or issues that need tackling. When a two shows up in a reading, it indicates a crossroads; there is a choice that needs to be made, a decision that can no longer be put off. There are two roads before you, and the Two of Wands tells us it is time to pick one and get to walking!

It’s you versus the world; and the choice is yours to make.

In a larger spreads, you can look to the other cards for support in making the appropriate choice.

The time for dithering is over, and it’s now time to act.

Let’s get to walking!


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