Card Of The Day 12/03/2013 – Queen Of Wands

Today’s card was pulled from the Gilded Tarot, which is my current main go-to deck. GildedTarotQueenofWandsThe suit of wands indicate action, things needing to be done or issues that need tackling. When a court card show up in a reading reading, it may represent either yourself or a person in your life who embodies the qualities of that suit. The Queen of Wands represents creative energy, mastery and the ego. It’s a time to get those creative energies flowing and to put thought and ideas to action. In a larger spreads, you can look to the other cards for support in exactly where to direct and express this creative energy. So write that song, design that website, break out the crafts and let your creative energy guide you! Let’s get creative! tcsig1

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