As a Tarot reader, I promise to the best of my ability that:

  • All readings and the information contained within are confidential between the querent and I.
  • The Tarot should be used simply as a tool for guidance and insight.
  • The Tarot should not be used as a substitute for any type of counsel from a legal, medical or financial professional.
  • The card interpretation during the reading is my own, and is not the only way the cards can, or should be interpreted.
  • My interpretations of the cards will focus on you and your issue in a meaningful way.
  • I do not provide readings for those who have not requested them (I.e., significant others, relatives, friends, etc.)
  • I do not read for anyone under the age of consent.
  • You have the right to refuse and/or terminate a reading at any time.
  • The Tarot is not a tool to be used for the placing of curses, hexes or spells unpon another person, and I will never attempt to use them for any such purpose.
  • I will not encourage or foster in any querent dependency on myself or my interpretation of the Tarot.