It’s In The Cards

I have always had a love for the Tarot. Since I purchased my first generic Rider-Waite deck at the tender age of 18, I have been in love with the mysticism, the imagery and the secrets that the Tarot has revealed to me.

Fast forward several years, many moves and a life lived fully, I have been through and unfortunately, lost many of my beloved decks. Before long, I had not one deck left. :(

I celebrated my birthday this year with a promise and present to myself: to bring the Tarot back into my life, to immerse myself into serious study and practice, and to purchase two decks I have previously owned with which to start.

The decks have arrived and I couldn’t be a happier witch! I chose a whimsical novelty deck that I loved for the quirky imagery and sense of fun that surrounds the deck, and one of the most beautiful decks I think has ever been created.


Housewives Tarot

The first deck is the Housewives Tarot, created by Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum.  This deck just SCREAMS 1950s retro! The deck features the campy symbolism of 1950-era commercials, food, and lifestyle. It comes in a snappy gingham-clad recipe box that even includes vintage recipes!

The instruction booklet that accompanies the deck is hilarious and such a fun read! Guaranteed by the Housewife Occultists of America’, so the booklet explains ‘The Secrets of Domestic Empowerment’ offers all the style, glamor and kitsch you’d expect from a 1950s style novelty tarot deck.

Along with the general meaning of the cards, there are five suggested spreads; The Virgin, The Neapolitan, The Dinette, The Clothesline of Life, and The Martini. The backs of the cards are red gingham tea towels and we are offered recipe’s for a Madame Marlena’s Mystical Martini, Divinated Eggs and an Ice Box Fortune Cake to accompany a retro evening of card reading.

In spite of all the camp, kitcsh and cutesy, the deck also is a serious tool for divination. The clarity with which it can impart information is almost uncanny. The images are from every day life (albeit a 1950s everyday life) rather than abstract images from which you must try and discern meaning. This provides easy-to-understand readings that get to the heart of a matter in a very no-nonsense way.

I enjoy these cards so much, and, being a geeky witch who works with all things tech, I was so stoked to find that the deck has an amazing app counterpart! You can get the Housewives Tarot app for your iPhone or iPad or Android phone or tablet, so you can get your readings on the go when it’s not convenient to carry your cards with you. I will be sharing a review of the Android app in a future review!

The Gilded Tarot

The Gilded Tarot

The second set is the exquisite Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. As I mentioned previously, I think it is the most beautiful Tarot deck every created. Ciro Marchetti is an award-winning artist and this deck proves why.

The colors are lush and vibrant, and the symbols are well executed. It has a mixture of computer generated artwork with hand-drawn features, and the effect is breathtaking. Each card seems to be a piece of art and, when reading with the deck, it seems as if you have spread a mini-gallery on your table.

The imagery and symbolism of the deck works really well with intuitive readings. There are so many emotions almost created within the imagery, and seems to lend itself to specific feelings during the reading. As an intuitive reader, I really like this aspect of reading with this deck.

I really like using this deck for a daily card pull, as well as for meditation. I can focus on the card’s image and read message its trying to send me. Because of the astrological symbolism on some of the cards, I can incorporate astrology into the interpretation as well, as see what that may be trying to me within the reading.

I have enjoyed reading with both decks, and am getting some really intuitive and accurate readings from both of them. Highly recommended!


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